Simple Joys

Finding out that some of the old major papers I wrote as a graduate student has been cited in some online articles give me joy. Small achievements like that however it may look nothing for other people meant a lot for me.

Seeing that there are two people who liked one of my blog posts here is happiness already for me. Thank you for reading.

Looking at my books makes me enthusiastic. I look forward in reading all of them (included in my bucket list).

Watching funny videos, reading any interesting article and walking/bicycling (in a park) help me relax.

Talking to my close friends and family, spending time with them is a precious memory .

Laughing with my dear are moments I treasured and love the most.

Learning with my students, sharing what little do I know, gives me purpose.

We all have our own simple joys. Things that give us joy.

Most of the times, we are too hard to ourselves. I myself is my greatest critic.

Simple joys are the greatest. Mostly you get for free which is why they say that the best things in life are actually free.

How you define simple depends entirely on you. How you categorize great is your choice too. They can mean the same and different things. We make things simple or complicated. We find joys when we acknowledge them, when we appreciate them. We know it is simple when we realized that happiness is all over around us, within our reach. It is inside and outside of us.

How you define yourself and what makes you happy, only you knows that.




How to survive workplace politics

Politics is not only about presidents, law, and cannot only be found in the different branches of government: executive, legislative and judiciary. There will always be politics anywhere.

I worked in an academic institution for two years and I was surprise of how school politics can be worse than you expected and prepared yourself into.

I like teaching. I love sharing. I loved my students even if I was afraid to show it, fearing I will forget my limitations and cross the line (I regret and not regret it at the same time but I am sure I will still choose the same style of teaching even if given another chance). I respected my colleagues. I like my work (teaching college students) and my workplace except the dirty politics and the people behind it.

It has been a roller coaster ride. There were times I was so dizzy I felt so bad and want to vomit (not literally). There were times I enjoy the ride, tried to enjoy the ride and want the ride to end already.

I am so grateful it was not my first job, my previous work experiences helped me to be stronger than I originally was. I am not sure if I will be able to survive and stay longer without those experiences.

I learned to do the following to survive:

  1. To be a paradox. You need to contradict yourself to survive. (Read:
  2. To be compassionate and heartless at the same time. I think this is connected to #1 but yeah I want to emphasize this and put it in another number.
  3. Always remind yourself that you cannot control other people and how they think and feel about you. You can only try to make them like, love, accept and understand you but you cannot force them (unless you succeed on threatening them). The only one you can control is yourself and your actions which is sometimes a challenge too when it is so easy to be impulsive and do the same way they did and still doing.
  4. Just do what you know you need to do (just like what I did in #2) even if it is unorthodox or new or may raise eyebrows. Mind yet never mind. Risk yet be sure. Have some assurance you will survive what you will and want to do, whatever the consequence may be. Again, with being a paradox. However, always be rational and logical and repeat. LOL. Your mind exists for a reason. To overthink is better than not to think at all (unless not thinking will make you happy and as long as you can still survive which can be quite difficult cause if you think about it survival skills involve quick rational thinking).
  5. Say sorry even when the truth is: you are only sorry that you don’t feel sorry to be you. Be brave to be YOU. Prove yourself to yourself. You know your worth. You know your skills. Show it. Do everything you can even when no one appreciates it (as long as you do and hopefully your boss too unless some people, dreaming to be the protagonist and antagonist at the same time, succeed on ruining your reputation).
  6. Be professional. Even when they succeed on saying and doing bad things to ruin you. Still, do your job. Work hard. Believe me when I say there are better opportunities, for real, waiting for you. Skills don’t lie. Hard work paid off.
  7. Don’t follow the footsteps of “those” people. Be aware of the lethal combination/s. People who are only good in flattering the boss, creating gossip/rumors, taking credit for other’s work, sabotaging other’s work etc. Let them be an expert with that. That is their function, hopefully not their sole purpose in life. Either way, find your own expertise and develop your strength/s.
  8. Play the politics until you can’t and don’t want anymore. As Aristotle said: ” Man is a thinking animal. Man is a political animal. ” (Read:

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How to Find your One True Love

Disclaimer: This is not a list I want to enforce to anyone. This is just a guideline I wrote for myself that I am sharing. Each individual have different perspectives, principles, beliefs, wants, likes, hates etc. I am not saying people who have the characteristics on my must not is bad or not worthy to be love. It is just me and these are my own standards. Peace! Lab lab lab! LOL.


  1. Physical Appearance (My ideal: fair, clean-cut, smart looking)
  2. Age (older than me, 1-10 years)
  3. Asset/savings (more than mine). As if I have a lot of savings. Haha. I was just being practical when I wrote this.
  4. Profession (equal or higher than mine)
  5. Education (same with profession)
  6. Interests (same as mine)
  7. Long distance relationship (if we are more than a year or I really trust him)


  1. Good person. God-centered/God-fearing. I guess I edited it and just put the good person later. I know that there are many good people that are not really religious and it doesn’t change the fact that they still choose to live following the golden rule. Let us not dwell on the technicalities of ethics here cause I know some will ask, what constitute a good person?How can you say someone is really a good person?That is for you to answer, we all have our own definition of “good”. Mine is as long as he don’t intentionally harm other people especially me and my love ones. I mean “harm” in all areas, physical, emotional, verbal etc.
  2. I’m comfortable with him. I can never ever be with someone that I am not really comfortable with. I know that some will say that later on you will be comfortable as time goes by but I proved that there are some people that even after a long time, I am still not 100% comfortable and this is in direct relation if I know I can trust them or not. If I cannot be comfortable or I don’t trust someone in the beginning, I still cannot later. To be comfortable with someone even in silence is a piece of heaven for me.
  3. Responsible. I cannot trust someone who cannot even be responsible of himself, of his own life, of  his own decision.
  4. No addiction. Non-smoker. Non-alcoholic. Not drug addict etc. I love myself. No further explanation needed.
  5. Financially Stable. I guess I am still conservative in some areas just like how I still believe that the man should still be the primary provider in the family unless he is disable or incapable because of sickness or other valid reason (though I cannot think of any other right now). Some disable men is still able to provide for their family or for themselves. Helping each other as partners is ideally good but I think it is a blessing if the man can provide enough for the needs of the family and the woman can still help but she can focus more on managing the house and being with the children to guide them especially on their childhood years which is the foundation of an individual (yeah, I think in advance, LOL).  Both parents are needed but I believe that at least one parent being able to focus more on the children and spend more time with them is necessarily important. After providing the needs, being with them, physically and emotionally, is the next if not the most important thing.
  6. Emotionally healthy. I experienced being drained after being with someone who is not emotionally healthy. There are people who have sickness and needs help, and they know it, and they do something about it. However, a person who doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that he/she needs help is a big headache (for lack of a better appropriate adjective). We all thought that love is infinite and it doesn’t drain but we people who give love can feel drained, tired, unhappy  and unloved. I realized that like a battery, we all need to be recharge, we need to feel love to give love. We need to have some love to actually give it, especially continuously. Just like how Gary Chapman call it in his book “The Five Love Languages”, we all have love tanks that needs to be refill and we are at our best when it is full. Being with someone who is emotionally unhealthy and is not cooperative enough to get some help and don’t give you the love you deserve and needed will make you feel drained and I believe nobody wants that. I don’t want that.
  7. Love his own family. Unless there is a dark valid reason why someone doesn’t love his own family (and it should make sense to me), I cannot be with someone who doesn’t even love his own family. I don’t want a mama’s boy either. I need a man not a boy. A man who loves his own family will surely love his future family, our own family, and for sure even better.


  1. Don’t smoke. No smoking addiction.
  2. Not depressed. Must not be depressed always (or if it is really an illness, should be willing to get professional help).
  3. Not pessimistic. Must not be pessimistic. Being realistic is different.
  4. No problem with anger management. No one wants to be a battered wife. Physically or emotionally.
  5. Not married. Not adulterer or have another girlfriend/s other than me. Cheating is non-negotiable. If you can cheat me once, you can do it easier next time. I can forgive but I can’t forget. Even if I intentionally try, it will still be in my subconscious, a ghost that will hunt me. I know myself that much so NO.


  1. Same intelligence. Oops. I mean the level of intelligence. Sorry if this sounds narcissistic (but not really sorry, hehe). I know there are many types of intelligence. I also believe we are all intelligent in our own way. But yes, I am serious on this. I need to be attracted to his mind too.
  2. Good communication skills. I cannot live with someone whom I cannot communicate with. There are some people who are very sensitive, people who cannot express themselves or even try to help me understand them better. A relationship is a two way street. It takes two to tango. I need help to work things out. I am not good at guessing. I don’t like dramas. If you don’t want to talk to me, then at least write or listen to me then answer me. Read my letter and reply. Use any good communication skill you have to communicate with me.
  3. Sense of humor. He may be weird in his own cute way. Other people may not get him but as long as I do, as long as I find his jokes funny, that is more than enough for me.
  4. Organized. I am not a clean freak but I tend to be really organize. The order of my things make sense to me. I hope to find someone who can work better in an organized environment. Less is better, less trash, less things that are not really needed. Haha.
  5. Open-minded. Knowledge is neutral for me. It is how you decide to use it that it becomes good or bad. I read everything I can. It is important for me to talk all kind of things and any topic to my future husband.
  6. Sense of loyalty/commitment. I will fully commit, dedicate myself to the person I choose to love. I know that I will be loyal to him until the end. I expect the same thing from him.

I realized that all the characteristics I listed are also the characteristics I have or I believe I have. I love the way I want to be love. Expecting is human nature. We get the love we think we deserve. I know what I want and what I deserve and it is best to know yours too.

There will be challenges for sure. Being trap in a routine or be boring is one of my greatest fears. I told my fiance about this and we agreed to do our best to bring back the spark or ignite it back when it is disappearing. Though, I think there is a peaceful kind of boring or routine and we both look forward on sharing that with each other. We both believe that love is a choice. A mutual decision. A partnership (though we agree that “me” time is still needed from time to time). A compromise. Love is thinking of the other person and wanting to make him/her happy cause it makes you happy, they make you happy, he/she makes you happy. I love the fact that we agree on the important things, on what we believe the foundation of a strong relationship. I hate that promises are made to be broken which is why I rather try and do things first than promising them but sometimes words help a lot too to convey our feelings. I rather plan than make promises though technically they are connected. Words and actions should be partners in love, in showing love, in making someone feel you love them. These may all sound too idealistic, but if we aim it, we work for it, we can get it. We enjoy what we work for, what we enjoy working for, and what we love working for cause we know it will give us the greatest reward, a love that will last this lifetime or may even transcend this lifetime.

*The photo below is the actual photo of my list, written years ago before I actually met my fiance. I wrote this after reading again and having my own copy of How to Find your One True love by Bo Sanchez. I first read it when I was in college, borrowed from a roommate. I disregard and intentionally forgot this list for so long and when I visited it again, I was surprised that he is like an output turned into reality of the things I wrote. Haha. I guess these things are subconsciously written in my mind and heart all this time.lab's list of negotiable and non negotiables


Part 1: After the wrong story

I met THE BEST STORY after the wrong story.*

I tried a lot of online dating sites. I started around April or May 2016. As far as I remember, I first tried Tinder but it doesn’t really have a good impression from other people so my youngest aunt suggested that I tried Skout. I encounter my first batch of “fake news” at these two sites. **

To cut the story short, my fiancé is not my first foreigner/Caucasian boyfriend. He is the second boyfriend I met online and I am bless and thankful he will be the last. He is my third boyfriend. I only had three boyfriends, the first is a Filipino, a long time friend from high school and I was 25 years old already when we became an official couple.****

My second boyfriend is the first bf I had from online dating. I thought he will be the first and last but turned out what I got is another variety of “fake news”.*** But I am thankful to him cause I learned a lot from the two months we were together as a couple, short yet felt really long. I call it my “summer romance” now. LOL.

I met my fiancé in OKCupid. I like that online dating site the most, out of all the dating sites I tried. I’d been using it but no luck before my fiancé and that is why I tried another site suggested by a close friend where she met her boyfriend (now ex too, I guess we both don’t have a luck in that site) and that is where I met my ex.

And oh I dated some Filipinos before dating a Caucasian/foreigner and technically I only dated two Caucasians/foreigners and they both became serious boyfriends for me and now the second and last one, my fiancé .

So as stereotypes goes, do I have hidden agendas on why I had a foreigner boyfriend and a foreigner fiancé now? I don’t really need to explain myself but I am just proud to say that I, we (my fiancé and I) don’t belong to the stereotype, with categories like “old guy foreigner-young Filipina” or “rich guy-poor girl”***** and no I am not against either to those who fall to those categories as long as hopefully they really love each other but even not that is their lives.

My fiancé is two years older than me and we are both mature people who knows what we want in our relationship and life. We are both professionals. He is an engineer and I am a college instructor in a state university here in our province. To be honest, I had always been attracted to fair skinned guys, even my previous Filipino crushes when I was a student and in the entertainment industry are mostly fair skin. I also like the nerdy, shy, introvert type, those who seem smart and really smart. I am most of the time also attracted to slim guys. And all these physical characteristics can be found in my fiancé .

For the non-physical characteristics, I have a complete list of my negotiable’s and non negotiable’s, must’s and must not’s (all of that I will share in another post:, that sadly I didn’t follow or used as a guide in choosing my second bf. Returning to good news, all the things in my list are miraculously given to my fiancé . Hallelujah!

Seriously, it is not about his nationality, and even after all the amazing characteristics I am grateful my fiancé have, the most important thing for me is that I feel and see how much he loves me. I promised myself not to be a victim again of one sided love, I already experienced that and I am done with it.

The greatest blessing is knowing that the one I love also loves me.

I did not try online dating cause I have a problem with offline dating. LOL. Technically, later on, you will also date your online date offline/real life. It is just another venue for me. And yes, I tried other venues. I am a believer of not passively waiting. I enrolled in my master’s degree first and foremost for academic improvement but at the back of my mind, I am also hoping to meet someone in the graduate school. I did and they became my good friends but my special someone is not there. I also tried joining a Christian organization and entertaining matches from common friends but I guess that is not how fate wants me to meet the people I need to meet and love and finally my last and greatest love.

I have this thought that if I can put so much effort in other areas of my life such as finding the work I am passionate about and getting it, shouldn’t I put more effort in finding the love of my life?That someone I want to be with forever, in this lifetime. That someone who also wants to grow old with me. That someone who will give me the love I deserve, the same commitment and loyalty I will give. Someone who will not give up on me, on us cause I won’t either. Someone who will always try to work things out. Someone who believes also that love is a choice. Someone I can call my partner. Someone I can love so much without fear cause he so much deserves it. Someone I can call mine and now I do. That someone I have now and I call my dear. My dear engineer. My love. Sinta ko. He is mine as I am his.

Before, I don’t really believe so much in destiny, I believe more that we create our destinies but I think it is God/fate that really brought us together. Yes, we did something too so we can meet but out of all the people online, out of all the people we met, how can I explain that after the long wait, I met him and he showed and proved (and still showing, making me feel) his love for me. I am beyond bless.

Most often than not, we meet our greatest story, after the wrong story/stories.

All the previous stories taught us important lessons that helped us to find the story made for us.

We all create our own story and at the same time it is given by the greatest storyteller. Guiding us how to continue the story He started.

We all want to live the best story we can have.

I now have mine.

I am living mine now.

Letting a new chapter begin.

To be continued…



*There is a play in the words above, a double meaning, that only those who knew me will understand.

** I have another post about the similarities of fake news and fake people you meet online and how you can avoid and protect yourself from it and them.

***Not a fake person or fake profile but faked me for believing he really loves me. Maybe he still believes he did but hopefully he will realized later on what is true love and how to show and prove it.

****I don’t count anymore the guy I dated in college as my first bf cause I don’t think we really had a serious bf/gf relationship in the two months we dated. However, just in case he read this (though most probably he wont): Hi. I know you are happy now and thanks for being nice and for respecting me a lot during my very naive days. LOL.

*****We are not rich but as an only child (not spoiled) my parents see to it that I got everything I need. As a professional, working lady, I am earning more than enough for myself cause I know how to live within my means. Proud to say, pretty independent since college.

How to Protect Yourself from Fake News and Fake People Online (and Offline)

What are the similarities of Fake News and Fake People? They apply different kinds of propaganda techniques. They are good in persuading you on believing them. Don’t be fooled!

Fake news are everywhere and so are fake people. Online and offline.

The picture below is not mine. I downloaded it online.

In relation to the 9 things listed in the picture. Let us discuss the ways on how a person (who is seriously looking online for his/her special someone) can avoid or protect himself/herself from those I call the fake news of online dating, the fake people and fake information they share to you.

  1. HEADLINE a.k.a ONLINE PROFILE. Information and pictures are too good to be true? RED FLAG. Trust your instinct. Most of the time, you are so happy and excited that you met this amazing person online, you disregard the signs, the red flags. If it sounds and look unrealistic, don’t believe everything you read and see. If the picture looks familiar, check if you saw it somewhere, maybe it is not a well known celebrity, worse, a fake profile that stole other’s identity.
  2. URL a.k.a REAL NAME. If you are already chatting with the owner of the online profile and he/she told you his/her real name. Type his/her name in GOOGLE. I always do this. Am I an investigator? Do I have trust issues? Yes and No. When I am interested to anyone or anything, my instinct is to google them, and I believe all of us are like that. When google is not yet existing, I researched about that someone or something, a crush in school, a new celebrity, a topic, a thing I want to buy etc. Unless you are doing more than what is normal, then you may be branded a stalker. I think it is important to check all information you can before meeting someone or before actually believing and trusting them completely. We are bless that we are living in what they call the “internet age”. Almost everyone have social media accounts and when you type a person’s name in GOOGLE, most of the time, one of the first results is his/her social media accounts: FB, IG, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Unless they told you a fake name or they are using different names in their social media accounts, you will surely find some information that will help you to get to know more of the person you met online and if some of the information he/she told you is/are true. Does his/her name sounds odd? Maybe, it is not his/her real name.
  3. CREDENTIALS a.k.a THE PROOF/S. It may sound too much for some people but after experiencing some “fake news”, I can’t help but be more cautious so I tried asking someone a picture of his valid I.D. LOL. Yeah, I am not yet accustomed at that time on how to ask and get some proof in a subtle manner. Later on, I was able to unintentionally master the technique on how to do it though I am not really sure if my way is really subtle. LOL. The point is, I realized that genuine people are more than willing to assure you and prove to you that they are real. Fake people, fake profiles have less information, less in showing proof of who they are. When you asked them, they make you feel guilty for not believing in them when they don’t really help you to believe them rationally. Click the UNLIKE button in the profile of people who are like that. RUN AWAY.
  4. CONSISTENCY. When what they are saying is different or far from what they initially said or put on their profile, BLOCK or don’t waste your time to that person anymore. Unless they explained that they had a change of mind, and you know that these are only applicable to opinion (and not on basic information like birthday, work, etc.) and that most probably he/she will explain why. If you are in the right age and have a well functioning mind, you will have a hint that someone is lying when what he/she is saying, showing, acting is always changing.
  5. CALL A FRIEND. CONSULT a trusted friend when you are in doubt. Sometimes, even when we are in the right age and have a well functioning mind, justification is our number one enemy, when we try to justify the lies, the inconsistency and other things we know are wrong and not making sense. A rational friend will help you acknowledge the truth you are rejecting.
  6. CHECK. Always check. When in doubt, check. There are lot of ways to check any information now.
  7. DIG DEEPER. In extreme cases and you have no choice but to return for answers to the person. Don’t hesitate to ask follow up questions to him/her. You can never be at ease unless you get the answer or sign or hint you need to get.
  8. BEWARE when you feel like he/she is just telling and showing you what you or anyone wants to hear, read and see. BE CRITICAL. It is fun and it may boost your ego that he/she is immediately head over heels in love with you and that he/she is saying a lot of promises already but try your best to still be logical. I never believe that love should only be measured in time, the time you know each other or you are together, it is the sincerity and being genuine that counts the most for me. BUT you know when it is TOO SOON. Just one hour or one day and he/she is already saying I LOVE YOU? Arrrghh. Love is not instant.
  9. ASK QUESTIONS. You will never know the answer unless you ask. When someone is interested, he/she ask questions and answer to your questions also cause she understand that you are also interested like him/her. And he/she likes that you are interested to him/her too. Thus, someone who is real and not a “fake news” is never afraid to answer questions. He/she knows she can answer anything cause he/she is REAL and being real. He/she knows you’ll feel and see his/her sincerity and you will believe on his/her words and actions. His/her CONSISTENCY and genuine love that he/she is starting to feel towards you because of your sincerity too.

We Filipinos have a saying that says “Walang lihim na hindi nabubunyag” which means there is no secret that will not be uncovered. Karma is real. All those who create fake news and fake profiles will get their karma soon. Bwahahaha. LOL.

All these tips are based on my own personal experience. I tried online dating for more than a year, almost two. On and off. Getting tired, hopeless and resting for a while before coming back again for another try. I am just glad I did not give up. It was not an instant success for me but because of that I learned a lot and was able to discern later on who are the fakes ones. I know I am not a professional or an expert on this matter but my experiences taught me a lot and I hope it can help someone too. I read a lot about online dating and prepared myself as much as I can before and during those times but I guess sometimes you can never learn enough and be smart enough. Oftentimes, we learned best through our own mistakes/experiences.

No to Fake News

Dear Chuchang,

To one of the friends I love the most.

As I always say, ours is an unexpected friendship.

The love we experienced, we let go, are not jokes and unconventional.

I am still deciding if we should even call them love, is it real? Is it true? At least in our part we know it was.

We all deserve the kind of love that never ends. As your friend, I know I may sound bias, but I just know and believe that more than anyone, you deserve the same if not more of the kind and amount of love you give.

If anything should overflow, it is love, yet we need to decide who deserves it and that is where the tragedy begins sometimes.

As a human being, who exceeded your quota of heartaches already, I can only fathom how tired you are. Others, who experienced the same, I can only imagine. Once, twice is more than enough for me. With your battered heart, I just want to hug you tightly, wishing my tight hug will help a bit to put back the pieces together, to heal the wounds but we know that only time and you yourself can do it.

True, close, long time friends are known to be brutal on their advises and I am guilty of that. People who just want you to be happy and see you happy, supports anyone or anything that will make you happy and I am guilty of that too. I can be a bruhilda and kunsintidora and you know it. Haha.

This short open letter my friend is written just to put even a smile in your face and heart.

A genuine smile that hopefully will start another journey for you.

A journey full of blessings in love and life in general.

You are a blessing. Anyone is bless to have you in his life…in their lives.

I hope you received your greatest blessing and miracle soon.

I am blessed to be your friend.

Lab yah.

Your Lablina

Ang Lab Ko vs Ang Labs Ko

The love of my life vs the loves of my life.

I have only one love of my life, the eros love, the romantic love, the only man in my life right now and hopefully (though I decided already that he will be) in my remaining lifetime. Yet I can also say that I have also many loves of my life. The loves of my life are my family, close friends, passions and things I love like my books.*

Most certainly, there will be no reader of this blog for now or some few later (unless I am blessed with another miracle, the first is the love of my life, haha) but as always, I write first for myself and hopefully along the way, fatefully or accidentally, someone will read this and feel like he/she can relate on some of the things I wrote and will write here. Better, if they will be able to use (in a good way) what they can read here. However, I have a separate blog for my academic endeavors. You can check out for that.

This is not my first blog** but this blog will be more  intimate, interesting and enjoyable. That is the goal.

This blog is also a continuation of a love I put on hold for a while. Writing has always been a one-sided love for me. I love writing but it doesn’t really love me. However, I feel like it will eventually learn to love me and one day I will get my reward for patiently waiting. Good thing, reading reciprocated my love. ***

I decided to use the singular title ang lab ko/my love instead of ang labs/my loves cause most probably I will write more about him and us. Though there is a great possibility I will also write about the other things I love here. Animate and inanimate.

Loving someone does not and should not make you stop loving other people (family, friends) you love unless you love another man/woman the way you should only love the love of your life, then that is different. Loving someone and being love in return, helps me to be a better person and inspires me to do the things I love to do and more. Most importantly, true love doesn’t make you stop loving yourself. Love is such a great blessing when you can feel, say, hear, taste, and see how much you are being love. ***

Love has given me so much happiness. However, please do not expect that this blog will be filled with over positivity. I am not in love with over positivity. Over positivity is not genuine for me. I hope to inspire and perspire. I am romantic yet realistic. Love entails some pain or hardship sometimes yet hate is different. I can only hope that I will not encounter haters or bashers here. HATE and HATERS are not WELCOME.

As I end my first entry, I just want to share that I have always believe that we get the love we deserve. The love we choose. The love we work hard for. Love takes time, patience, kindness and yes all the ingredients needed is reminded to us in one of our favorite bible verses:

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.


It is not only applicable with the romantic love of our lives but to everyone we love and everything we love..and love to do.

Love doesn’t end.

But LAB’s first post ends here.

Till I write again…





*I did not mention myself cause that is a given already. Self-love is a must. Can never give what you never have right? Arggh. Cliche but 100% true. Haha.

**Anglabko is a new blog I created but it is also a reincarnated version 2.0 of

***To my dear engineer, who reciprocated my love too. You give me love, inspiration and more. Special thanks to you. I know you will read this as my number one fan. Haha. I love you.